2015: Boracay Guide for Couples | Food and Activities in Boracay

Boracay Guide For Couples

Food & Activities

Hey Everyone!

I spent a week in Boracay. Rated the 2nd most beautiful island in the world!

I wrote down every single activity I did on the island as well as all the foods and drinks I tried. This article is for my own personal reference for my future visit!

Now lets get started!

Arriving to Caticlan Airport

Tricycle from Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port  – 50p

Caticlan Jetty Port Fees

Caticlan Boracay Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative – 25p
Terminal Fee – 100p
Environmental & Admission Fee – 75p

Boracay Jetty Port

Tricycle to your hotel. Here are the prices depending on station:

Station 1 – 150p
Station 2 – 100p
Station 3 – 80p

Note: If your really on a budget you can split the cost in half with another person going to the same station.

Boracay local tour guide

Local Tour Guide

If it’s your first-time ever in Boracay and want a hassle-free trip. I would highly recommend a local tour guide. I personally used Rizan rizan0104@hotmail.com who was recommended to me by another friend that used her services. Just tell her what you would like to do and she will plan your trip and meet you as well for your activities. I liked her services for the following reasons:

1) Kept our belongings safe
2) Took pictures/videos while we were doing the activities
3) Negotiated a fair price for a waterproof bag. Guy wanted 150p. We got it for 80p.
4) If there are any issues with the activities she will be on your side! (example: Our photos and video for Helmet Diving were not good. She managed to convince them to allow us to do the activity again, free-of-charge!
5) Her prices are fair for activities. I don’t like to negotiate, haggle, etc.
6) She’s friendly, personable and accommodating!
7) No extra fees! You only pay her for the activities and she gets a commission from it, which is the same price you would get anyways if you were to walk up to the DIAMOND kiosks!


[Updated 2015] Prices: PAX (1 person)

Helmet diving – 700p PAX (15mins – includes a CD with pictures and video)
Banana boat – 250p boat / 15min / 5 minimum (1250p minimum for the boat)
Parasailing – 900p PAX / 15min (Minimum 2 people. Up to 3 can fly)
Note: Prices changes frequently for Parasailing. Can be high as 1600p PAX
Fly Fish – 1800p / 15min / 3 people (4 people it will be 2000p)
Zorb 380p PAX / 1min (temporarily out of service)
Zipline 900p PAX / 6min (includes Zipline and cable car)
ATV 750p PAX
GMax 1500 PAX (groups of 3 can get a discount for 1000 PAX x 3)

Jet ski – 2000p/unit, 30mins, good for 2 people
Buggy Car – 1500p/unit, 60min, good for 2 people
Land tour – 700p/unit (120min, good for 3 people)


Boracay island hopping

Island Hopping

Allen b Fun Tour – 800p includes BBQ lunch / 10am to 4pm (time is fixed)

Private boat – 2300p / whole boat / 3 Hours / good for up to 6 people

– Not including crystal cove cave fee 200p

Can also go to PUKA beach. Weather permitting.

Food Tip:


Get the “My Boracay VIP Card” which you can pick up at various restaurants or shops. It’s great for discounts around the island. I saved 15% at Tilapia N Chips (Currently #1 restaurant according to TripAdvisor) and 10% at Vallaha. (My personal favorite) I also got a free bottle water at the Submarine Sandwich shop

Boracay Tipping Guide

Food: If there was a service charge. No need to tip. Otherwise roughly rounding up to 10% of the bill is fair. If the service was bad we left 20p no matter the cost of the bill. However, you can leave NOTHING as well.

Masssage: 50p for a decent massage. Left 100p for an AMAZING massage. NOTHING for a bad massage.

Tuk Tuk Driver: 20p is fine. Gave 50p for long distances and if the driver was friendly and helpful.

Maid / Cleaning Lady: 50p she will make your room super clean!

Boracay Food Guide

Dmall Station 2 restaurant guide:

Boracay Valhalla Restaurant

1) Valhalla – best meal we had.

Filet Mignon 605p & Cajun Chicken with shrimp 480p. Mmm…Delicious!

Boracay Valhalla Filet Mignon Steak Boracay Valhalla Cajun Chicken Shrimp Pasta

2) I Love BBQ – Average meal.

Bulalo Steak: 290p -not enough meat, too much fat and bones
Mushroom Garlic Steak: 285p -too salty

3) CYMA – Average meal.

Steak Souvlaki: 465p – steak was decent, but for what you pay you don’t really get a lot. Very overpriced.

Chicken Gyros: 180p – rated the favourite among customers. Found it just average. Very dry.

4) Hungry Monkey – Owners are foreigners who live right above the restaurant. Occasionally you will see the lady walk her cute colorful dog around Dmall. Here is what I ordered:

Meat lovers hotdog – 160p (good tasty hot dog)
Beef n cheese fries – 130p (average. exactly as the name indicates)
Thai iced coffee – 80p (Not a fan of coffee, but this thai iced coffee tasted pretty good)

Boracay Super Submarine Sandwich Shop

5) Super submarine

Roast beef submarine295p (tasted pretty much the same as “SUBWAY”)
Free water with VIP card

6) Tres Amigos

Chicken Burrito190p
Al pastor210p
Tree amigos tortilla combo320p
(Chicken, Beef, and Shrimp Taco)

Sides: Mango, Advocado, Salsa

All the food at Tres Amigos was excellent! I love the sides they provide which goes really well with the tacos or burritos. This was my favorite place for Mexican food in Boracay.

7) Pancake House

Breakfast Set (average)
Banana Walnut Pancakes (average)
Apple Smoothie

Bite Club Grilled Burgers

8) Bite Club Grilled Burgers

Hands down the best burgers on the island. They simply know how to make burgers! They offer only BEEF burgers, you can get double or triple beef and comes with ONE free topping. I got the blue cheese and it was delicious!

9) Smoke Resto Restaurant

Great cheap 24 hour place. Try out the Chili Chicken 120p and Khao Pad 140p

Yellow Cab (On main beach)

Manhattan Pizza – 380p (excellent)

New York Pizza – 410p (excellent)

They know how to make awesome pizzas!

Bulabog Beach Food


On the main street to bulabog beach

Fajita220p (good)
Philly cheese steak210p (very good)

Cheapest Bar in Boracay:

Bei Kurt and Magz (Station 3)
CAI piranha – 30p
Rum and coke – 25p

Boracay: Ariel’s Point

Highlight of my week. If you only have 1 activity to do. Go to Ariel’s Point. Beautiful views and awesome activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and the most famous activity of them all…CLIFF DIVING! I cut my nose, cheeks, got bruises on my legs and had a layer of skin peeled from my skin after jumping from the highest cliff, but loved every minute of it. It has been exactly one week since I was there and my body is still sore, but I would go back in a heart-beat!

TIP: Buffet is served on the second highest level in the seating area. Sit around there and you will be the first ones to eat or risk a long lineup. I was fortunate and happened to sit a few feet from the buffet table and was one of the first people to try out the buffet. When I went for my second plate, the last person just finished getting his FIRST plate! (Also no lineup for seconds!)

Time: 11:30am – 4:30pm
BBQ lunch, soft drinks & beers
Cost: 2500p 

Boracay Spa & Massage

Massage by Abe – 400p: The best massage I got on the island. Abe is the best!

Palazzo Spa – Paid for 1 hour and got about a 50min massage. Secondly the masseuse were talking and laughing with each other. Did not enjoy it.

Victor Ortega – 250p: I originally planned on getting an 1-hour massage but BETH was amazing so I extended for 2-hours!

Hotels: Where to stay in Boracay?

I personally stayed at a Villa in Station 1 which is the most expensive area on the island. However, if I was to go back I would stay either in station 2 or station 3 because that’s where most of the cheaper bars and restaurants were located.

HotelQuickly offers the equivalent of 600p off your first booking if you use my invite code:



Departing Boracay

1) 100p to boracay port
2) 100p terminal fee
3) 200p for boat ride and mini van to kalibo airport

 If going to caticlan airport cost is 50 pesos from caticlan port

Boat ride to/from Boracay from caticlan jetty port is 25 pesos

1hour 40min (total time)

Kalibo terminal fee (domestic) = 100p or 500p (international)

94 thoughts on “2015: Boracay Guide for Couples | Food and Activities in Boracay

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Liza
      My apologies for the late reply. I have been traveling with poor Internet connection for the past 1.5 months.
      Rizan doesn’t charge anything. She gets a commission from any activities we do with her. (Which is the same price as walking up to the Diamond kiosk)

    2. bethelyn rose francisco

      can i contact rizan? tnx…we book on nov 19 to 22 at bora…can i ask her to guide us,,,since it will be our first tym to go there…

    1. chris Post author

      I stayed at the far end of station 1. However, if I went back to Boracay, I would recommend staying between 2 and station 3. Even station 3 as that’s where most of the action was

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Cha
      Ariel’s Point is 1,500p
      It includes:

      unlimited drinks (water, alcohol, juice)

      Highlight of my trip and many other people I spoke to. Just go!!!

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Shilpa

      I paid 1500p total price. It fits up to 5 people so you can even get it for 300p x 5 people = 1500p
      It was arranged by my tour guide Rizan.

      It included 3 hours of snorkeling, some fruit and bottled water.

  1. Kath

    Hi Chris,

    Do you have news whether Rizan is still a tour guide? I had tried reaching her thru the email you posted but I had not yet received any reply from her.

    Also, for the parasailing, it is only for two person at the same time? It can’t be three? 🙂


    1. chris Post author

      Hi Kath
      She is definitely still a tour guide. She uploaded some pics yesterday doing a tour! I suggest you try using a different email address to contact her.
      There was just the 2 of us doing the parasailing, so I never asked if it’s possible to squeeze in another person.

  2. Vj

    What about accomodations? budget ko lang is P1k/night. Anu irerefer mo na mas mababa pa dun?? kahit fan rooms lang ok na basta may mapaglagyan lang ng gamit. May contact ka rin ba ni Rizan?

    1. chris Post author

      Hello VJ
      I don’t speak tagalog, but based on what I “think” your asking. Accommodations are lowest during the LOW season. From May to October. Station 3 provides the cheapest accommodations on the island. I contacted Rizan yesterday and the email address I provided is the best way to reach her.

  3. Germaine

    Hi Chris,

    I’d like to ask would you suggest to book the watersports activities in advance before going to Boracay island?


    1. chris Post author

      I would not recommend it since any website or person that offers “advanced” booking will definitely be higher. You don’t have to worry about any water activities being fully booked even during the HIGH season.

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Mau, No need to make a reservation. Abe is located near the end of station 3. If you walk along the beach you will see a sign eventually. The massages are outdoors right on the beach itself. Don’t worry about getting a tan 🙂 as there is a tent to protect you from the sun. It’s the best massage I got in my life!

  4. RR

    hi Chris, i would like to ask have you tried the nightlife? what Resto or bar that you can suggest that is not so expensive when it comes to the drinks..good for 2.. thank you

    1. chris Post author

      I never went to a restaurant for “alcohol” I either went for drinks at Hotel bars (to use their chair on the beach) or at Station 3. Bei Kurt and Magz is the cheapest place for drinks. Which you can enjoy either on the beach or inside their bar

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Eleanor
      There is no extra charge for the tour guide. She gets a commission when you book the activities through her and she accompanies you while you do the tours. She will take photos or videos for you as well.

  5. Eleanor

    Oh wow that is nice 🙂 Do you still have her number or email because my friend and I are going there this valentines 🙂

    Thank you Chris 🙂

  6. 18

    How did you go about your tour bookings? Was everything done on the same day or you had prior reservations before reaching Boracay?

    1. chris Post author

      Don’t reserve any tours beforehand. It will be more expensive in most cases. Secondly, don’t worry about a tour being fully booked. We went during the PEAK season and they always had spots available. We met Rizan our tour guide when we arrived in Boracay, and we planned our activities for the week.

  7. RR

    hi Chris,
    another question the “Jet ski – 2000p/unit, 30mins, good for 2 people” is it 2000 per person or 2000p for 2 person…?

  8. Alex

    Hi Chris,

    Is the PhP750/pax rate for parasailing still the rate right now? Also, I’d like to ask how to get a massage from Victor Ortega. Do we see a stall or kiosk for that? Or do we have to go to a certain establishment to get a massage? And is the present rate still at PhP250 per hour?


    1. chris Post author

      Hi Alex
      The rates for parasailing always changes. The reason is because they offer promotions throughout the year. Victor Ortega is located on the MAIN road and it is a BIG building. When I went there was 250p PROMO at Victor Ortega for a 1 hour massage. However, the sign looked like it had been there for awhile, old so I thought that was the normal price

    1. chris Post author

      Hello Jacqueline
      I would recommend booking a private tour instead as it was the same cost as Allen B fun tour. It can be arranged by contacting Rizan rizan0104@hotmail.com. However if you prefer to go with other tourists then you can find Allen B Fun Tour in front of Villa de Oro. allanfuntours@yahoo.com

      I’m not sure where the zorb or zipline is located since we skipped those activities. However, you can easily find the location as there are brochures and kiosks advertising those activities along the beach and the main road

  9. Penny

    Hi Chris!

    Thanks for the informative post! So for the guide Rizan, understand that we don’t have to pay her any fees. But when we go places e.g. island hopping, we have to pay for her share and that’s all? What about meals throughout the day?

    Thank you.

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Penny
      That’s correct you don’t pay anything to Rizan. You don’t pay her share as she doesn’t do the activities with you. You also don’t have to provide her a meal as the 4 activities we did in 1 day was only a few hours (besides the island hopping tours) and if you were do an island hopping tour she wouldn’t go with you. She will take you to the boats and introduce you to the boat operators though!

  10. Christine

    Hi Chris!

    I hope all is well with you.

    We will be in Boracay this coming July 1-3. About the parasailing activity, can one friend of mine (not participating on parasailing) hop on the boat to take photos while we are up in the air?

    Thank you

  11. Miao

    Hi!! I will be traveling to Boracay in just two days time. Is there anyway to contact Rizan other than email? I tried my luck to book all the activities with Boracay Adventures, they could only give me a less than 5% discount off the total price. The price they quoted for me was :

    Private Island Hopping-$2500
    Helmet diving-$1500
    Parasailing double-$1700
    Jet Ski -$2300/unit
    Parade sailing -$1040

    After reading your post, I think that some of the activities are highly overpriced. Please advice me what should I do.
    Thank you!!

    1. chris Post author

      Hello Miao
      Don’t ever pre-book that will always be more expensive online. Also activities will never be completely full even during peak season. Email is always the best way to reach her and then she can provide her phone number once your in Boracay.

      Have a magical time in Boracay!

  12. Cyrus Ursua

    Hi Chris!

    I would just like to ask. What are the inclusions in the Island Hopping arranged by Rizan? And how much would be the cost?

    1. chris Post author

      Hello Cyrus
      It’s 1500p / private boat / 3 Hours / good for 5 people (Can split by 5 it will be 300 pesos)
      Everything else will be extra such as the entrance to crystal cove.

      1. cyrus ursua

        Thanks Chris. I heard from a friend that Island Hopping costs more if it is June. Is this true? And is possible to extend the tour more than 3 hours? How about lunch during the island hopping?

        1. chris Post author

          Hello Cyrus
          I know that parasailing sometimes changes their prices depending on the month, but I’m not sure about the island hopping. I went during the peak season and I paid 1500p. You can certainly extend for more than 3 hours for a fee. I don’t think the small private boats can arrange lunch though, (it doesn’t hurt to ask!) but I recommend eating something right before or bringing some light snacks with you.

  13. Airah

    Hi. I would like to ask if we can bring a non-waterproof camera to our activities?? How Will Rizan will take our picture?? Thanks!

    1. chris Post author

      Yes you can bring a non-waterproof camera. Although I strongly recommend for you to buy something to protect it. There are people selling waterproof camera/phone pouches on the beach. She will be on the sidelines snapping your pictures. If your camera has a good zoom function that will help for better pictures.

  14. wendyl

    hi chris,

    Good day! i would like to ask if what specific name or place the parasailing that cost 750 pax?

    thank you.

  15. Fiona

    Hello! Thank you for the very detailed blog. It’s not really my first time in Boracay but it’s been ages since I went there. I am also a local of Iloilo and planning to visit boracay on August 12 with my boyfriend from UK. I think I might consider getting a tour guide! haha! gotta ask bf first. But it will be nice to have someone take our pictures and take us to places we dont know. ?

  16. Dakota

    Hello! Your blog is so useful thx.. But My friend said “Do not make a reservation on online. Cuase reservation on online is more expensive than local.” Is that true? I have to reservation in boracay?

    1. chris Post author

      Hello Dakota! (annyeonghaseyo!)
      Sorry for the late reply as I didn’t see this comment until now!
      Yes, that is correct. Don’t make reservations online for activities as the prices are heavily marked up. You can always do any activity even in the super peak season in person.

  17. Rose Lai

    Hi Chris,
    Is there go karting in Borocay? If there is, do you know whether they have an age or a height limit?
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Rose
      Sorry for the delayed response. I was actually traveling in your country (Singapore) and was locked out of my own blog!
      But to answer your question: YES, there is go karting! I didn’t see any age/height limits when I went so I’m pretty sure they are flexible.
      Hope you have a magical time!

  18. mohammad

    Hi chris m how are you ??
    your blog was very good , i will be in boracay in 4 days and i would like to know where are the best places for nightlife as we are there for honeymoon and also the best food places??
    also i have mailed rizan but have not received any reply , how can i contact her urgently??



    1. chris Post author

      Hello Mohammad
      If you walk along the main beach there are plenty of nightlife places. For food places I listed down all the ones I tried out with pictures, so depending on your preference there are plenty available. I suggest try emailing her again with a different email account as she may have not received it.

  19. pupe darsono

    Hello Chris…I’ll be going to Boracay end of this month (31st Oct-4th Nov). Thank God i came across your blog. Thank you for the information and tip.

  20. Miles Rafols

    Hi Chris,

    I’m SO glad I chanced upon your post. I’m planning a vacation to Boracay in January/February 2016 with my teenage kids. Your post have been so helpful with the details you have provided particularly with your detailed comments, suggestions and expenses. Not to mention your recommendation about getting a tour guide. I found Rizan in facebook (https://www.facebook.com/rizan.nogales) since I’ve read a lot of replies saying that they haven’t received a response from Rizan’s email. I just sent her a PM. 🙂

    This will be our first time to go to Boracay and I am preparing our budget for the trip. I do want to make sure that we will have enough to be able to have a GREAT time! But I don’t want to overspend especially when there are far more economical ways to have an amazing time there apart from booking your activities and transportation through the hotel or travel agencies. I’m happy to know that there is a possibility that I will be able to save a few thousands from the initial budget I have prepared if I explore the island via a tour guide.

    The few times I have been able to travel around (local/international), I have been with my family or friends that would normally research or ask the locals (be it strangers or family/friends as well that live there) about where to go/how to or how much to get there. It has been really more cost-effective rather than booking via the hotel or travel agencies as we have been able to save thousands of pesos. Granted that when you do tours via the agency/hotel booking, you do get to ride a comfortable air conditioned van/bus. However, travelling around as how the local would travel is more cheaper and it also becomes part of your adventure.

    For this trip, however, It will just be me and my kids. (Unless some family or friends decide to join) So no friend or family member to take the lead in asking around and do the haggling as well. Rizan would be a GREAT BIG HELP for this. 😀

    I love the details regarding the food places you’ve been to – where you went to, how much and how you found their taste. (My kids are not adventurous eaters)

    I have checked online and have read websites and blogs, but yours have been the most helpful so far. The websites and phone inquiries I have made were from the hotel and agencies. The blogs I have read would mention the cost but nothing as detailed as yours.

    So, with all that I have said, I THANK YOU!!!!

  21. Chae

    Hi Chris! This is the only blog about Boracay that I read from the start to the end. And I was not bored reading at all, you have a talent/skill in writing. Thank you for the very informative guidance and recommendations. I will try to contact Rizan. I hope I’ll get a reply 🙂

  22. Raspberry


    Our flight will be arriving Kalibo Airport. And our hotel is located in Station 2.
    Which one is cheap, commute or booked a transfer online?

    Hope you reply, Thanks in advance.

    1. chris Post author

      Usually booking in advanced is more expensive and is only recommended if you come really early/late. You can buy a ticket and arrange for a shared van at Kalibo airport upon your arrival

  23. carol

    Hi chris! Will go to boracay on dec 2-5 as a solo traveller. do you think rizan will find me a some people who will be with me on my tour? so that I can pay cheap on the island tour? Also Island tour is how much? And what island are including? Is it worth it for 3 hours?

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Carol
      She does personal tours only with groups of people that already know each other. I would recommend the Allen B Fun Tour for 800p and there will be other people in your tour you can meet. If you do the Allen B Fun Tour they already have a fixed itinerary. For the private tour it’s more flexible but it also depends on the weather and tide. Yes! Definitely worth it!!!

  24. Dyan

    Hello Chris!

    Super thanks for this! Just have some questions if you dont mind 🙂

    1. Sorry to ask this but did you tip Ms. Rizan after your trip or after every activity or no tip at all?

    2. We’ll visit Boracay Feb 2016. Do you think the prices for the activities are high that time? Would really want to try helmet diving and parasailing.

    Thanks and more travels! 🙂

    1. chris Post author

      Hi Dyan!

      1) You are already paying for her services when you book the tours through her. However, if you really enjoyed her help and recommendations I’m sure she will always appreciate a tip at the end of your trip 🙂 But you are under no obligation!

      2) I also went during January – February and the prices were about the same even though it was considered high season. (Lunar New Year)

  25. Christine

    Hi! Is rizan’s email still active by now? I emailed here but she’s not replying 🙁 is there other way I can contact her? Thanks!

  26. April

    Thank you very much for your amazing review. It has helped me narrow down activities.

    Ariels point seems to be a highlight to many. Should I book that prior to arrival or would there be space available the day of? I will be Arriving via a cruise ship and only have a short period of time there.

    Also do you know how far the port where cruise ships dock is to the pick up point for Ariels point.

    Sorry one last question, is there any activities/ things to do that do not revolve around the beach?

    Thank you in advance

    1. chris Post author

      Hey April
      No need to book in advanced, they can always squeeze you in even during high season. I’m not sure where the cruise ships dock but I’m sure you can find out if you contact your cruise company. Sure there are a few activities you can do that doesn’t revolve around the beach. Off the top of my head, the buggy tour takes you up to a high mountain with a gorgeous view of the sea and island! You can also try zip lining!

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