About Me

I LOVE to travel. When I don’t have time to travel, I host travelers through couchsurfing and airbnb to hear their travel stories. I consider myself a late bloomer as I didn’t start traveling until my final year of university. Once I got my degree, I packed my bags and began my first 15-month journey.

(That was back in 2009. 5 years later, I have been home for a total of 5 months. I’m still on the road and loving every moment of it.)

In my opinion, there is no better experience to fully immerse yourself in a culture and environment by simply living among the locals. Originally, when I first began traveling I thought it was about the destination, but as I traveled more, I realized it’s more about the people. The countries I continually to go back to is because of the friendships I have made during my travels.

I created this website to help out fellow travelers like yourself to gain the most out of their experience and to use simple hacks to save money and time.

I hope you will find the following information helpful!