What I did in the past 5 years & Hope to do in the Future 5 years.


As we quickly approach the year 2014. It suddenly hit me! In the past 5 years. I have been home for a total of 5 months! It’s amazing how time flies when you are traveling and living abroad. It really did seem like yesterday when I was packing my bags and was getting ready to leave home for 1-year…well 5-years later, here I am still living abroad and loving it!

I just got a phone call the other day from my mom asking me when I was going to come home. I told her I really have no idea! (Note: I have not been home since Mid – April 2011) I asked her about the neighbors and some friends and it seemed like in the past 5 years there has been a few minor changes. I remember going back home the first time after leaving home for 15 months and NOTHING changed. Well 5 years later, our family got new neighbors, my sister is in a serious relationship with someone that I’ve never met! AND my oldest friend finally moved out of the family house after 30 years!

On the other end of the spectrum. In the past 5 years: I have traveled to over 10 countries. I have made new friends from all over the world. I am now semi-fluent in a second language. I learned how to cook. I am in a serious relationship. And I have been working and growing my business and I’m on my way to being semi-retired by the age of 31. (Meaning no full time job. I can live off the passive income)

This got me to thinking, what I plan on doing on the next 5 years. Here is my top 5 list:

1) Travel to at least 5 countries and live in each country for at least 5 weeks.

2) Have 5 different sources of income. (Currently at 2)

3) Try out 5 or more CRAZY things (business, personal, etc.)

4) Have 5 or more websites/blogs up and running. (Currently at 2)

5) Learn 5 or more NEW skills. (currently learning: Search Engine Optimization SEO)

While creating this list. I wanted to do something that was within reach. I did not want to make a goal so unrealistic that I would feel discouraged or even bother to try. I shall edit and update this post to track my progress since writing this.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Years! Happy safe traveling!



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